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  1. Nike is the name of the Greek goodness. She represents victory. She is a pretty young woman with wings and she is a very fast runner.
    Her weakness is that she is spoil. She is the daughter of Styx and Titan. She has three brothers, Zelos, Kratos and Bia, she fights a lot with them. She is not married and she has no sons or daughters.
    The most famous statue of her is the Samotracia.
    Is a statue is in the Louvre museum in Paris
    Its made in mármol. I think its beaultiful its just prefect, the lines everything is just perfect made and i think there is nothing that you can compare to this. Is perfect representation of greek art.
    it was discoveres in 1863.Greek art is one of my favorites pieces of art.
    hope you like my comment!

    Marian Olachea van Hasselt

  2. This sculpture is a good representation of Greek art because this civilization was strongly attached to religion, gods and goddess.

    At first I didn´t feel anything when I saw this sculpture, but when I started to look deeper, I could deduce a lot of things.

    This sculpture is a woman body, but she doesn´t have head. When I saw this, I started to think about the reason. She is wearing a dress, and she has wings. So I deduce that it is a representation of a goddess or an angel. This woman body shows elegance and perfection, it shows someone perfect. In this perception, I could say that this sculpture has a representation of “the perfect woman”. In these days, a lot of people think about the “perfection” like something necessary, but I think that we should look “inside” the people, not only the physical.

    I think that this woman with no head represents something. For me, it means that all the people can be an angel (that is why she doesn´t have head, it is an empty space that anyone could fill). It doesn´t matter who you are or where do you live, you can be very important for someone, and that person can look at you like an angel.

    Greece is an old civilization. They had a lot of beliefs about gods and goddess. They used to think that their gods were going to protect them, and they used to represent their gods with this kind of sculptures. Now, I think that a person can be so important in your life that you can see that person as an angel.An angel doesn´t have to be someone from heaven, you can find angels everywhere.

    If you look inside a are going to find a wonderful world full of nice feelings...

    You could be an angel for someone…Think about that…

    Gema Paulina Fernández Castillo.

  3. Well, to be honest: see this statue on the blog, doesn´t made me feel a great sensation... All that came to my mind was the memory of one of my family trips... As much as I thought for writing something or trying to feel something deeper, I didn´t feel nothing beyond what I mentioned...

    So I decided to listen to my favorite music...
    After two or three songs, a wonderful feeling came to my mind and made me suggest the following in this piece of art:
    - An angel can not only be a “sent” of God who comes into the world to protect a human, it can also be a friend, a relative, an animal ...a living who comes into the world to teach love (that explains what “Nike” doesn´t have a head).

    ...I think that this work of art, is an excellent example of the Female Perfection (physical and internal), because in the carving of the body, we can see an appearance almost insurmountable. And in the wings, we can know that they represents the beauty and purity of the soul of a lady (So, perfect body + excellent soul = goddess).

    Sincerely a sculpture of excellence...

    Fernanda Covarrubias Noriega.

  4. Firstly, when i saw the picture of this sculpture, that it is perfect like other greek art interpretations.

    I worried about how to express the feelings that the sculpture sign on me, but then i finalized with only one word "Mom" or "Mother".

    If we can see the scupture is representating a beautiful woman´s body covered on gold with angel wings, so we can define that the sculpture is an angel.

    Then when i was filling the blanks (Ingarden´s) i imagine my world without my mother i started to remember since i was a child to now who i am, i cant forget my mother, she always was and stills here protecting me and giving me advices. So I can say that filling the blank of the head i placed the head of my mother and i thought for a second what else can i ask to god if i have the best of his angels, i have my mother here and i am glad to being protected by her.

    So in conclusion i think that the greek art, is kind of mysterious because they make us fill the blanks and imagine our own world, cause their art is human art.

  5. Hi, i forgot this link that i found, wich it has an image that represents to me the picture i have seen in this blog.

    Also you can see the sculpture without head..
    Can you imagine?

  6. Well first of all when I saw it for the first time it didn´t make me feel anything, because the Greek Art is really difficult to understand, well that´s my point; but after a few minutes a feeling come to my mind and its related to the subject of angels also, well when I saw the angel without the face it comes to my mind that all the people of the world can be an angel, that an angel its not someone that has wings it also can be an angel a simple man, woman or child, just by making good thinks or helping to others, who doesn´t want to make suffer others, who like to see others having great momments or watching other being happy.
    Now to write an opinion related to Sartre, I can say that this sculpture is art because it make me feel some sensations of love, happiness and friendship (all this values are important when you do good actions)

    Done by:
    Francisco A. Orozco Cárdenas

  7. First of all, the picture got my attention because of the realism implied in it, I mean, it made me wonder what was the author thinking in that moment, what was it? Was it the portrait of a goddes? What was he trying to say? And after all that self questioning, It was obvious to me that I could not easilly understand the reason of such efford and less guess it by just thinking.
    Anyways, the sculpture inspired me a feeling I can't describe at all, but in one word would be "Ascendancy", don't really know why.
    Despite all this confusion, the sclupture inspired me the vision of something that was far so perfect for man to imagine and therfore to illustrate, simply not being real, but looking so good in that emptyness.
    Mabye I tought that because everyone could imagine the head and arms in different ways, all of them perfect to the person's eye, making it the closest thing to perfection.

  8. First I want to say that I really didn’t feel anything when I saw this sculpture, it is true that is a beautiful sculpture whit a lot of details especially in the wings, but maybe I didn’t feel anything because I was so tired or maybe because I wasn’t concentrated in the image or just because I wasn’t inspirited.

    Now about the sculpture, I liked, because I like Greek art. They always represent or tried to represent the human body whit a lot of realism, doing a very expressive sculpture. I think that this sculpture is a good representation of Greek art, because the body of the woman in the sculpture is perfect, the clothes around her give to the scene a sense of movement. this is why I like the sculpture, this is why I really like the Greek art.

    Manuel Alejandro López Pérez

  9. First of all I want to mention that this amazing sculpture called my attention because I did not know what to think and how could I represent my feelings and emotions about it, so I investigated more about this piece of art.

    This sculpture is about goddess "Nike" that represented strenght, speed, and victory. She was daughter of Pallas and Styx. Also she had one sister named Bia and two brothers, Cratos and Zelus. God Zeus chose Nike to assumed the role of the divine charioteer in the Titan war. She was recognized as a mediator of success between gods and men war.

    Basing myself in all this information I made a conclusion. For me that sculpture represents the importance of women in all the aspects. For example, nowadays what would men do without women? Simply we could not live. We will just go crazy.

    Women provide love, affection, protection, shelter and many other things. Those are the reasons why we need to give importance and to take care about them. That`s my opinion about the meaning of this sculpture.

    Another interesting point of view about goddess Nike is that people used to think that she represented "victory", so that tells me that we all can reach our purposes and dreams if we can. We just need to work hard on that purpose and keep dreaming.... And I think that her wings represent that "victory" is fleeting, so the best think that we can do is to enjoy the present and forget about future.

    Hope that you like...

    Alfredo Alam Herrera Carrera

  10. The Greek art is very interesting for me. Since I saw the movie of “Hercules” of Walt Disney I wanted to go to Greece and see all the history inside this city. I like Greek art because everything is about Gods, Goddesses, Humans and mythology characters, and this kind of art makes me feel like superior.

    About this sculpture, it seems like the angel or the person is against a strong breeze, because we can see that the clothes seem wrinkled by the wind; so maybe she was flying (because she has wings) or she was running. When I first saw the image I didn´t feel anything deep, like some of my others classmates. But then, I saw deeper, and with the light effect, I saw a Goddess telling me: “I am superior, I have all the power that you don´t”. Maybe it doesn’t sound like something humble, but that is what I felt.

    Also the sculpture has no head and no arms, but I think that is because the damages that it suffered through centuries. The Greek art is known as something perfect, so when I saw the image I also felt perfection and dedication. And the Greeks had perfection and dedication in something important for them, the relation between Gods and Humans and their consequences.

    Alejandra Castellanos Velasco

  11. When I first saw it, i knew that it was a kind of a goddess because of her breast. So it had to represent something very important.
    If you look at it, you can feel for real the wind that it's blowing. And the statue is in a position just like the one of the titanic movie, feeling the wind.
    Also, i asked myself this question, Why does the sculpture doesn't have head and arms? First, i thouhgt that could be because of the time. The marmol deteriorating itself. But then i asked, and if the autor wanted to make it without head and arms? This could be quite interesting because the greek art, most of the time, is trying to represent the human body and it perfectness, so why to make one with an incomplete body. Maybe it is a way to say that that female body doesn't belong to a common woman, that it is from a goddess.
    It is amazing how they can represent to much realism in a piece of stone. The abdomen is very detailed and its like you can see through the dress. Also the wings, the feathers, they are feeling the wind and is kind of remarking the upper chest showing superiority.
    Now for end this, I wonder how does her face was, was it beautiful? I hope so.

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  13. When I see the picture I think that this art is a Greek art.
    A principal characteristic of the Greek art is the philosophy related to religion and according to real. The Greek Art is very detail and the majority is made of marmot or with a precious metal.

    The name of the sculpture is nike. I think that this sculpture represents the win or the victory of the war, represent the victory of the god.
    This sculpture represents a beautiful woman and the wins represent the victory, elegance, glory and the perfection. The perfection of the sculpture is a characteristic for the Greek Civilization.

    I think that this art is a very beautiful example that the government of Greek in that time. The perfect lines and detail express the perfection and the work.
    I think that is a very interesting art because when you see this art you can imagine different things because it doesn’t have head and arms. You can put it together or imagine the way you like it.

    I think that it was impossible that they could of done this is hundreds of years ago that’s why it is a perfect sculpture.

    Diego Fernando Mejia Gutierrez

  14. Juan Diego Amezcua SolorzanoSeptember 16, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    This sculpture is very interesting, how this made the sculpture is an angel, with great wings and no head.

    This sculpture comes from Greece, the art of Greece to me personally as I love for all his sculptures are made.

    All we have to ask because the angel is headless and armless, for my part I believe that without a head, because the author has a feeling related to physical body, not the psychological or mental.

    Also the angel, looks like a lady, wrapped in a sheet, I feel that relates the author`s copyright or female, should take into account that you did it through mythological parts of angels and all those things.

    Finally, it is a sculpture that can be a great time watching that is to my like, I like this kind of sculptures bacause the form of the style.

    Juan Diego Amezcua

  15. First I want to say that greek art is one of the most wonderful art that I have ever seen, I think this because when I was young I used to read encyclopedias and I saw all this greek stuff.

    I think this sculpture is like the other sculpture that doesn´t have arms, but this caught my attention because it doesn't have head. We all know that the greeks used to figure gods and goddess in their sculptures, and I think that the absence of head in this one has the intention for who will see it, it will imagine how the head is. Yes we are using Ingarden's theory.

    Also the think that caught my attention was the wings instead the arms, I think it is because that element it's to represent the mighty power of gods. So don't make angry the gods xD.

    Eventhoug the sculpture is in marmol you can see the perfectionism and the details, specially if you see her clothes you can see that is like the wind is moving her clothes.

    This can described in only one word "Perfection"

    Angel Moises Hernandez Ponce

  16. Greek art has a civilization strongly attached to religion, gods and goddess. But Greek Art is really difficult to understand.

    So this pice of art (This sculpture)it is a good representation of it.

    Nike is the name of the Greek goodness.

    well this sculptures it was a lot of realism on in. For me it represents perfection.

    The first time I saw this mede me feel really bad beacuse i start to thik way she didn't have head and arms.

    In my really personal opinion, i don't like this pice of art because all of this things about godess were used to scare people, to make them do thigs. So i ralley don'y like it beacuse it scared me.

    Att: NELVA Mildred

  17. This sculpture is just great; it is Greek art, one of the most amazing and incredible art. The sculpture is dedicated to a goddess because it has wings and that means that is not someone from the Earth.

    We can also watch the details that the sculpture can give us like the clothes that are moving, the great detail of all the body a precious woman body, the body of a goddess and the beautiful wings.

    We can’t imagine how the sculpture really was, because some parts are missing, like the head and the arms but we aren’t watching beyond the sculpture, maybe it is missing another important detail that can show us the real sculpture, something is missing, something important and that thing could change the way we watch the sculpture.

    So what do you think, it is a goddess or only a sculpture dedicated to the woman body or something else?


  18. When I was a child I had a dream that I wanted to turn in reality was to go to Greece. And now seeing this picture I know that my dream is still there.

    Well I saw this picture the first time I was really surprised. The reason? it’s because the effect of the wet clothes, it look really really impressive. The art of Greece is really shocking, I really love all that sculptures, paintings and all the stuff that they made. I guess they ideas of the human body were perfects, they put the ideas of the art that we have now.

    And now, talking about this sculpture, it makes me feel a lot of feelings, I remind a lot of things that I have passed in my life, I guess that the angel doesn´t have the head because the author of the sculpture wanted to represent that all the people have problems in their lifes, and the angel without the head represents that all the people lose their heads looking for an answer, and with these they forget their families, and things like that.

    a00343765 :D

    hope you like it!(:

  19. I investigated in Internet and realized that this is a work of art was made in grecia, but I did not find the reason as which this sculpture doesn´t have head, the truth I don’t know that this sculpture originally had head and this one fell as the years went by, I want to think that it happened, but in case originally this sculpture has been done without head it was a reason.
    I thing that the author wanted to form in this work of art an incomplete personality or probably a person who was rebellious and who commonly wasn´t using the head to think, doing its personality "imprudent".It sculpture is like an incomplet angel, like this angel was very bad, and the autor does not want to look it face.

    bY Gerardo Martinez A00343904

  20. What would Greeks think if we tell them that his beautiful goddess name is now using as a brand for sport stuff? Nice marketing!

    Marian has given us a very complete historical context of her, thanks!
    Nike, goddess of victory. Both types of victories, at war and pacific competition, remember that Greeks were the first that organize Olympic Games.

    But let focus for a while on the war victory. Why did she was a woman? As far as I know women didn't fought in wars. So, let's think for a little moment why did they represent Victory by a woman. I understand when they represent other things with women for example: Gaia, the Mother Earth; Harmonia, goddess of harmony and concord; Aphrodite, goddess of beuty and love; even Iris, the Messenger Goddess because women are gossiper than men (most of the time). Those are things that we naturally associate with women but I don't understand pretty well why representing war (Enyo), force (Bia), hunt (artemis) and victory with a woman. And I don't pretend discriminating woman, I believe that they are a reason for us to be here =).

    Here is what I believe. When soldiers won a battle they were rewarded by coming back home or with woman to satisfied his physical pleasure, so maybe that’s why there was a "Goddess" of victory. They look her as a reward. (With such a woman who wouldn't fight to death hahaha).

    Now, let’s look at the sculpture. I'm amazed on the quality of the author. It's just as good as Michel Angelo!!! Despite it was made more than thousand years before. It's such a shame that the head and the arms were lost. If the author could make just a perfect body, just imagine what he could make with the face, which is the first part of female body where I find beauty.
    The wings make us think about and angel and we relate angels with God. But, remember that this sculpture was made before Christ. And we it would be ironic to represent a war victory, where many people were killed with an angel which represents peace!

    Anyway, it's beauty Greek art!!

  21. Gerardo Jimenez VidrioSeptember 16, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    In first place I want to say that Greek art is awesome, incredible, amazing and there isn´t an other art that can get closer to the Greek art.
    This sculpture is called NIKE, the winged goddess. It´s made of marble, and it´s date on 220-190 bC (before christ).

    I have seen this sculpture before, but i had never think what could it mean...
    After I read a little bit about this sculpture and about the goddess, I finally conclude that is very interesting, because the Greek art is about mythological stuff, gods and of course humans... and I think that this sculpture tries to represent how in Grece, the people relate, in this case, the goddesses and women, (that the goddesses represent their image by the human women), independently that this sculpture doesn´t have arms and head, it tell us that the women were beutiful, with sexy hips... we can explain it in two words, perfect bodies...

    For me, NIKE represents women perfection... physical and moral perfection...

  22. This sculpture begins of marble. The sculpture of a woman deigns of respect, representing the victory, and is called Nike, daughter of titan and Styx, we can see that it is a very good sculpture with exceptional details, with carved wings; I believe that it represents the trip to the sky. It is a very recognized statue, many persons the world know her, for his historical precedents.

    Eduardo Alcaraz Torres

  23. this image i just like a angel without arms & head, is very impacting for me and interesting.
    I considering, this have a story, the artist have a story and the person when look this, feel more fealings when he feel in the moment

    I like it a lot of, is so great. yeah!

  24. I like this image because its an angel that represents the fredom but like a diferent freedom because it doesnt have arms and head its very impacting i realy like it and it its realy religius its very nice...

    Crescencio Virgen Castellanos 343789.

  25. For me this picture is meant to represent an angel in the figure of a woman, the gods or kings of ancient times believed that angels were women and they were living beauties beautiful as any woman could get anything she wanted and only had to seduce men.
    For me the angels can come in different shapes and different beings from a dog to a human, as any person or they may have the skills of an angel.

    Jose Antonio Zamora Hirsch

  26. When I saw this picture for first time, I think in a good angel, that fight with the devil or something like that, but I saw too that the angel doesn´t have a head, so I think that what the author was trying to say with this sculpture, was that we can´t see the angels, but that is the way that we imagine them, and that everyone have one, you can imagine anyone like an angel, just because he do something good for another people just for help them.
    The Roman people tought that the angels really exist like that image in the world,and they come because they will help us to get peace, but most of the times they represent it like a woman.

    Eduardo Eliseo Nuñez B.

  27. well this picture make to me like if i have a lot of questions to do to the artist.
    Its so interesting to see this esculture because they have a lot of details that i cant evite to see.
    In my personal likes, i really love the angels, they are fantastics because nobody knows how is a real angel, nobody knows if it is a human or if it is something that we never imagine.
    I'm really impacted with the complections of this sculpture, the material is so fantastic to see a sculpture made by gold and i think that is difficult work with this tipe of material.
    I dont know what did the actor try to trsmit, but i can imagine what did the actor wants to transmit...

  28. Castee I agree with you, because i felt the same superiority value on the image, of telling about the angel. I liked your comment because it is completely different to the other ones, so congratz!


  29. I did a little research and i found that this is nike, we might be used to hear that name form the sporty wearing clothes and shoes, but, it is originaly about greek mithology, and Nike is the real name of the god the greek victory.

    She is represented as a young woman with wings,
    wich travels at high speed and she is a good charriot rider.These are the strong sides of her.

    The weekest point of her was that she wanted a lot of things when the time to share the victory was. she was the daugher of Styx and Titan, his father. She has 3 brothers; Zelos, Kratos and Bia. She is not married and she has no sons.

    According with the mithology,even though Nike is half a titan, she fights with some other titans of the Olympus. She is well known in the roman and greek mithology as Victory.

    With all of this characteristics i conclude that even though she was a woman, Nike fought with his brothers and also with some other titans.I think that this sculpture reperpesents the folowing things for me:

    -She is posed in the sculpture in Victory, showing greatness, we can alos see that she was wearing$ thin clothes so you can almost see Nike´s skin. This is very important for me, i mean, who goes to fight a war without an armour? Well if she fought like that, she had to be a real powerfull titan.

    -The wings are opened and that means something... maybe greatness, maybe acceptance, or maybe, she could be riding a charriot so the wings opened with the air. When i mentioned acceptance, it also representate VICTORY, she is well known as victory so that sculpture may take place after a battle.

    -I think that this sculpture also representates PEACE because with the other characteristics i mentoned; the thin clothes, the opened wings and how is she standing like feeling the air trough the body, and enjoying life, i think and i conclude that with all the characteristics she representates greatness, vicory and peace.

    Hernán Orozco Rosas