Saturday, August 29, 2009

the bonfire of comments

HernĂ¡n, Im glad you liked these creative elements, but Im afraid you missed the content of the installation, the topic itself. Both things are important.
Francisco, I like your comment. Be careful with your spelling, there are a few words that you are writing as they are pronounced.
Diego, too many projectors in your comment!, next time use more elements of the class and discuss the installation, the content of it.
Ale, the installation is not about the Vietnam War, it is about Iraq and Afghanistan.
Vincent congratulations! I really enjoy your comment, you have a great introduction and your analysis is quite good.
Alam I did like your comment, and I am happy that the installation encouraged you to do more research on the topic.
Fer I LOVE your comment, when I see that my students are enjoying the material this much, it motivates me to search for better samples of current art exhibitions.
Gema, thank you for your comment and I agree with you. Just look for a couple of mistakes in your spelling. Good job! Congratulations!
Eduardo, you need to do more research about the piece we are discussing before you enter your comment in our blog. There is only one author, the one who is actually in the video, and also the projector is a machine that has existed for several years already.
Ale Velasco, good comment! This type of installations are becoming more and more popular nowadays.
Douniel! Good think you realized you had forgotten to write your name! I liked your comment and I also like the way you analyze the piece.
Ngel (je je), Good comment, I want you to analyze deeper the purpose of the installation, what about the war? The historical period? The human losses?
Adriana, your comment gives me the impression (hopefully the wrong one) that you believe that the video is the actual installation!
Good job Quique! I liked your comment and the way you write. Just check a couple of spelling mistakes.
Gerardo J, you made a good comment, but I feel somehow you go too much by the questions I posted. Go deeper with your thoughts.
Manuel Alejandro, I don’t think the goal is patriotism, but as you said, that is only my opinion, maybe we should go look at the whole installation and then decide!
Isaac, I enjoyed your comment. I really wish we could see the installation so we could have all the information to make a more complete comment. I promise I will search for other installations on line that Im sure you will appreciate.
Abril I liked your comment but it was hard to understand it, it gives me the impression that you are using an online translator and if that is the case please don’t! because they don’t work well. I hope you are feeling better!
Eliseo, you have good ideas, but you need to develop them, write more! Set three or four ideas and then explain them in detail.
Fer Covarrubias! I like your comment about the perfume and the bag!
Interesting Gema… so art has to be useful? What about “ el arte por el arte”?
Diego if the design is art, then the piece would be art wouldnt it? Or just the sketch?
Vincent I liked your comment on the perfume, “it will make me feel…” next time go deeper on that thought.
Juan Diego, please follow the guidelines and links so you can make better comments.
Antonio, it would be nice of you to follow the link, that way you could have written a better comment.
Marian, now you are missing the comment on the Veterna´s flame. About Munch, the piece belongs to expressionism not impressionism.
Good for you Enrique! To stand up for your opinion and express what you think so freely! (And I agree with you)
My dear Ngel! No one will get angry with you for expressing your opinions. Expressing your thoughts is exactly the point of our blog.
Good Gerardo! I really like your comment on the bottle and the bag.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

For your extra comment.

For your second comment I want you to look at these images, go through their websites if you wish and then wriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite your toughts...

Remember to keep in mind that you are analyzing if the piece is art or not and try to explain your reasons.


Veteran´s Flame

This is an installation currently being shown in NY. Watch the video, then visit this website:

Once you understand the point of this installation, make your comment considering the following
questions or guidelines:

What is the purpose of this installation?

What are the physical elements used?

Why can we define this as art?

How is this different from art as we are used to?

Does this have a social motive?

Does this have a cultural motive?

These are just basic questions to help you start analyzing this. Please feel free to expand them as much as you want. Do remember the guidelines for your blog participatin located in course documents.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This painting is titled "The Scream" by Edvard Munch. After our August 17th session, please start with your comments.