Friday, September 25, 2009

Crescencio Virgen Castellanos

On this comment I’m gonna write about the Gothic architectonic style, the gothic architecture style flourished during the high and late medieval period gothic architecture was known during the period as the French Style the term gothic first appearing during the latter part of the renaissance as a stylistic insult, the principal characteristics of the gothic style are the pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress, the gothic style, when applied to an ecclesiastical building, emphasizes verticality and light , the pointed arch purpose was vaulting spaces of irregular plan, or to bring transverse vaults to the same height as diagonal vaults a characteristic of Gothic church architecture is its height, both real and proportional. A section of the main body of a Gothic church usually shows the nave as considerably taller than it is wide externally, towers and spires are characteristic of Gothic churches both great and small, the number and positioning being one of the greatest variables in Gothic architecture, what its moust notorious in this architectonic style are the pointing archs and they also have a signification, that it’s a suggestion of height an other of the principal characteristics are the expansive areas of the windows as at Sainte Chapelle and the very large size of many individual windows, all this factors are part of the most important part of the gothic architecture that is to create a powerful impression.For me the gothic architecture its very impressive because it’s a very original way to construct churches, castles, universities and cathedrals because it gives a mysterious touch and that touch its very important and it’s a really good style because its very peculiar characteristic of the European culture.

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