Friday, September 25, 2009

Omar Hernández

This is the Santa Sofia’s Church or with the name that everybody knows “Hagia Sophia”. This huge cathedral is in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the biggest and most amazing church in Europe.
The cathedral is part of the byzantine art, because it’s ubicated in Constantinople, the byzantine art origin. But this cathedral was Christian until the Byzantine Empire was conquest.
It was built on 532 to 537 by Justino I. This building is based on four arcs and for columns for them, two domes that supported a big dome on the top of the building, in the images we can watch the real size of this dome.
Years later from conquer of the ottomans change the church and convert it into a mosque, and in 1935 was converted into a museum.
If we talk about the structure, it has a base of 77x 71 meters and the big dome is supported by columns and other small domes, the Turks help to put more support on the original church.

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