Friday, September 25, 2009

Alejandra Castellanos

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral (“Our Lady of Paris”)
This Catholic Church was build during the middle Ages and it represents the gothic architecture. The construction started in 1163 and it was completely finish in 1345. It was constructed by many different architects but the main architect was Bishop Maurice de Sully.
What characteristic of gothic architecture does this building has?
- The shaped stones.
- Solid walls and pillars.
- emphasized height and used the pointed arch
- Flying buttresses
- Sculptures of Stone Gargoyles

These are some characteristics of the building; the first two we can find them outside the church; the second is inside the building; the third ones (the ones that are together), is located one in the building and the other out the building, on the top. The last one, but not least is a plan draw of the construction.


  1. Alejandra Castellanos Velasco

    Now, my opinion:

    I can imagine me being next to this church; and I picture myself as a tiny and little thing. Also I can imagine the interior of the church, dark, huge, and quiet. I can say that in this church I will be super concentrated if I were listening to the priest.

    This kind of structure makes me be scared, but at the same time protected and impressed; that are the exactly words.

    This is a great example of how the people were so interested in art and in represent what they wanted to express. An example of hard work, dedication, perseverance and loyalty.
    Without a doubt, if someday, somehow I go to Paris, I will visit this church and I will take a lot of photographs. here you can find a lot of information of gothic architecture. information of the Notre Dame cathedral.

  2. Correction:

    The first image is the plan drawing of the building.
    The second one is a draw of the detail inside the church.
    And the last ones are outside the building.

    Alejadnra Castellanos Velasco