Friday, September 25, 2009

Adriana Moran


Notre-Dame is one of the churches that make me feel like “wuau”. I don´t have the exactly words to describe this spectacular building, I think that nobody can understand what did the artist try to transmit.
I had a good opportunity to visit this church, and is so magnify, well if outside looks spectacular, inside is more and more spectacular. You can´t imagine what you are going to find there. When I started to walked I saw an something that make me feels important, well important because I saw the most beautiful paint, that “Mexico” have. It was “LA VIRGEN MARIA” is assume , I’m not going to talk about that, I just want you to know that because I see that like an important note or important part of this beautiful church.
The Portal of the Last Judgement, which was built in the 1220s-1230s. It represents the Last Judgement as described in the Gospel of Saint Matthew.
On the lower lintel, the dead are being resuscitated from their tombs. Just above that, on the upper lintel, the archangel Michael is weighing their souls according to the lives they led on earth and the love they showed to God and to men. The chosen people are led to the left towards Heaven (to Christ’s right) and the condemned are lead to the right, to hell, by a devil.

My conclusion:
Well, looking at this beautiful door I felt really really cautived, I was in shock. I love the part of the “people” in the top of the tower, it makes me feel good. I like this exercise very much!

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