Friday, September 25, 2009

Hernán Orozco

The Front Window of The Cathedral, Rose Window

This is the window which we can see at the front of the cathedral.

This window represents a rose.
In this the window’s glass, they are some drawings… in this drawings we can see angels, books, bibles, and some other characteristics we can’t define exactly what they mean, I can’t.

This window represents lots of emotions in it. The light gives to the drawings that complement of precious art that we can see every time we look at them.

We can also make the concretization of this window just by looking at it and think about everything we know about religion, we can see a resume of everything we know about the live of Jesus, god and also the fight of the angels in here.

If you look at the angels we can see a representation of love, careless. But they are good angels and bad angels, for the bad ones; hate, anger and some other emotions we can relate with anger…

The drawings in the window are similar form each other; they have drawings in circles around, above, besides, under, everywhere.

But the most important drawing is the one ine the center, but this can be left for the people's interpretation.

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