Friday, September 25, 2009

Diego Fernando

First, I chose the second picture
The moment I saw it, I thought the movie of Wuasimodo. And I thought the Cathedral Notre Dame.
When I saw carefully, I saw that the architecture is gothic in the medieval age. Medieval is like the middle of all. In the Medieval time was like a war with the muslin and Christian.
The Notre Dame Cathedral is in Paris and it started to construction in 1163 and finished in 1345. The appearance of the interior was radically transformed in the 13 century. And the exterior is appears in the High Gothic. This Cathedral functioned for The Christian Religion and to prey.

I chose the Vitrales or Windows. Each one of the colors is a different vitral(windows). And when you saw it you wonder how long it took to made in. The Windows is in the interior of The Cathedral of Notre Dame. Also each window has a figure relation with the Catholic.
I think that in this time did all very detail. In this time most of the temple did a big windows or with a small windows.
The windows is in the high of the cathedral because when the sunrise passes you can see all the light that reflects like a passed for an angel and this light reflect in the door.
I chose the Windows because I like the colors of the windows and in my opinion is reflect like the purity and the glory.

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