Friday, September 25, 2009

Francisco Alfonso Orozco

Well this architecture is a clearly example of byzantine art. I am going to talk about “The Blue Mosque of Istanbul”, or “La Mezquita Azul”.
This beautiful piece of art was build in 1609-1617 (it take too many years how you can see to construct it), and the one that gave the order to construct it was the Sultan Ahmed I. He made it because he wants to abate his god Ala. The reason was that in that period the empire had a lot of problems in his country with the people and with others countries not exactly like wars.
The architect was Mehmet Paşa, I think that to build this beautiful piece of art you need to be one of the best architects in the country.
What you can see in this building that is characteristics of the byzantine art is:
· The kind of material that it was done of, you can think that is done of a simple stone but is not; the byzantine sculpture was characteristic that the architects use beautiful stones and expensive like ivory and marble.
· That it has domes, which are not easy to construct and are really beautiful when they are completely finish, how you can see you can find too many domes in the Mosque, and also the make semi-domes which are like the half of a complete dome.
· They use to make columns that are like the base of all the buildings that are based on this type of art. They are like the places where the building starts growing, and the finish with enormous beaks.
Now the reason that I choose just the top of the Mosque is because all the domes and columns. I really like the way that the columns and the domes are build, because it´s not so easy that it looks too build and I am talking about this time, because it takes to the new workers a lot of time to build a dome or columns now. And now think about how many time does it took to the workers in that period to made this beautiful piece of art it´s really amazing, isn´t? Well this is why I choose this specific place of the Mosque.

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