Friday, September 25, 2009

"Ngel" Moises :D

Well watching the comments I notice that no one has talked about the arcs, I'm going to talk about Notre Dame's arc.
The Notre Dame arcs are called harmonica arcs; this is the name of the architectural form.
These arcs are based on a high difficult mathematic equation, which it’s supposed to give balance between the two towers and the curvature part in the center, as we can see in the Triumph Arc
It’s also supposed that the equation frame on a mathematical space with solid and symmetrical towers, divided horizontally into a zone that seems governed by an equation. Produces an effect of harmony and feeling. This set is rarely repeated in architecture except for some of the French cathedrals.
As the last paragraph says the harmonic arcs are rarely used for common churche, so we can imagine the importance that de French people gave to Notre Dame.
Adding more info to this, the Notre Dame architecture has a mental game, because the part of the apse with buttresses also produce the artistic effect of a mechanism, designed for superior mentality.
Here are some images to have an idea of what I’m saying


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